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The Voyage

Author: Robert Vescio

Illustrations: Andrea Edmonds

EK Books 2019

'Displaced by war and conflict, a refugee family sets out on a dangerous voyage into the unknown. This near wordless picture book (one word per page) and evocative illustrations, combine powerfully to encourage young readers to create their own background story and thus identify more deeply with the plight of refugees and those less fortunate'. 

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"The Voyage is heartbreaking and hopeful. It is so simple in text but so deep in meaning and story....The illustrations are absolutely, divinely exquisite. I got goosebumps reading it and couldn’t help but ‘Oh’ softly and hug the book to myself at the end.

It is THE perfect book to introduce the concept of refugees to very young children (I’m talking from toddlers onwards), as it is gentle in its approach, and a child’s understanding of the book will grow as they do...a stunning addition to the amazing selection of books the Australian market has to offer. It is truly a gem".

Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg

"Just fourteen words to tell such a story that are more powerful than if there were 10 or 100 times that many".

The Bottom Shelf

"This is one of the most powerful picture books I have ever read. There is space for reflection, thought and discussion. There is space to explore the detailed pictures and experience emotion as you read...Fourteen words, stunning illustrations, impact like I’ve never experienced before. I highly recommend reading The Voyage. It will change you in ways you won’t expect".

Shaye Wardrop

Kid's Book Review

"The Voyage is an experience for children to learn about and share in. Those who haven’t faced the same struggles as the children in this book can absorb them with a great deal of empathy. The book gently opens minds to how other people live and the kind of challenges people can face as refugees...

In deftly dealing with human experience, it will be widely appreciated and understood. The Voyage is a beautiful book.

Susannah Whaley

NZ Booklovers

Booktopia Blog

...featuring my Illustration process for The Voyage...

Visiting You

A Journey Of Love
Author: Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg
Illustrations: Andrea Edmonds
EK Books 2018

A heart warming story about the power of love, and how it's our similarities not our differences that matter most.
A young child and their mother set out to visit a loved one. Along the way, the child interacts with other commuters — a father who lives apart from his small daughter, a husband who has lost his wife, a granddaughter who is forgotten by her grandfather, and a mother who fears for her son’s recovery — and discovers that we all are bound by the common experience of love, that appearances can be deceiving, and that it’s our similarities, not our differences, that matter most.
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Signed copies available with a personalised message
$24.99 AUD + postage
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VY Cover- large.png
Books: Inner_about

Ava Anne Appleton

Author: Wendy Harmer
Illustrations: Andrea Edmonds
Scholastic Australia

Chapter book series

Everything is A-Ok in the world of Ava Anne Appleton. Life with her mum,dad,and her dog Angus, is perfectly orderly - just how she likes it. But the Appleton family are off on a grand adventure. They'll be living in a motorhome for a whole year. Ava is horrified! What ever will she do?

Accidental Adventurer 2013 Up an Away 2014 Catching a Wave 2014

Ava and Angus 2015

Ava Anne Appleton.png

10 Silly Wombats

Author: Ed Allen

Illustrations: Andrea Edmonds

Scholastic Australia 2013

Come counting with all the silly wombats, throughout their very silly day!

Books: Inner_about

10 Funny Sheep

Author: Ed Allen
Illustrations: Andrea Edmonds
Scholastic Australia 2013

Ten funny sheep are having a very funny day...It's the most fun you can have counting sheep!

Books: Inner_about
Books: Inner_about
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